01 April 2010

Pre-April snow brings.... yellow dust?

March 23
When it snows, it pours...

March 24
Yellow dust. Thanks Gobi Desert.

March 27
An afternoon in the life of a public school teacher. After school.

Notice how they shoved the entire classroom forward 10 feet to clear a space to play... but the best part: they carried that ping-pong table up FOUR flights of stairs.

March 31

Sunrise service. 4:30am.

I ventured inside...

...and called Jennifer (co-teacher). "I'm waiting for you in the back of the room," I yelled over the music. But we couldn't find each other. Apparently this was the OVERFLOW room.

THIS was the main auditorium. People arrive here around 3:30am to reserve seats. Jennifer arrives at 4am and the closest she can get is seating along the side.

I ended up going back the next morning. Jennifer called over the camera man and told him to take a picture of me... AWKWARD.


BUT WORTH IT because he posted them on her church's website, just like this, and beneath our side-by-side photos he wrote: 모전여전

Roughly translated: the daughter takes after her mother.

I love Korea. Jennifer and I laughed for a good three minutes when we saw this. I mean I know I look a little Asian, but really?