25 June 2010

대한민국 !

World Cup madness. My life for the last 3 weeks.

Game night: hundreds of thousands of Koreans migrate to two central locations in Seoul.

Sporting red shirts, hats, face paint, and flags, they mix and mingle and drink cheap beer until the first whistle blows.

Enormous screens are placed on site, streets are shut down, and en masse (and on cue), everyone sits down to watch the game.

Only to stand up again.... GOOOAAALLL!!!

And stay standing for approximately 8 minutes, dancing and cheering and trumpeting plastic horns. I took this video at least 5 minutes AFTER the goal was scored. And the crowd stayed like this for another 10 as the game wore on...I'm just here, lost in a sea of red, trrrryin to fit in... 대한민국 !!

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